Sunday, December 19, 2010

The White Tornado Strikes Again!!

So Lindsey has officially been named the White Tornado by Mike's family. She is constantly going and looking for the things that she is NOT suppose to get into so that she CAN get into them. She keeps everyone on there toes and is always climbing on everything scaring Grandpa Balls constantly. She is a little dare devil and not scared of anything (except Halloween costumes and Santa Clause!) A couple weeks ago we were in the middle of packing things getting ready to move to our new house. While Mike and I were in our bedroom packing boxes, Lindsey was having her own little fun in the living room. Mind you, this is a PERMANANT MARKER!!!

She was pretty proud of herself.

I was not a happy camper when I walked into the living room and saw my couch. I am just glad it was the old couch and not our new couch. We just flipped the cushions over :)
And of course we ask Taylie why she didnt come get us and she says "I was busy watching my movie!" Kids, you gotta love them!

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