Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kids and animals

Growing up in Wyoming, I have developed a deep love for animals. We always had our dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and sometimes pigs and lambs to keep us busy. I was rarely ever found in the house during the summer and loved it!! I guess I consider it one of my talents to be able to read animals pretty well and makes me enjoy them even more. Mike's family on the other hand it quite the opposite. Most of his family are not big fan's of animals and thinks they are all disgusting (I guess we can't all be perfect!) Luckily, Mike is the black sheep of the family and loves animals as well. Luckily I am able to pass my love for animals on to my girls!! They both love to be outside with there animals and love to go to Niki and Jake's house to play outside with there cousins and there animals. Lindsey literally torturers the poor cats, but they are stupid enough to come back for more :) Put either one of my girls on a horse and you will have a hard time getting them off. We were able to get Taylie a new puppy since our new house has a lot more room. His name is Bodie and he is a chocolate lab/Australian Shepard mix and is the funnest dog. The kids love him.

Taylie and Bodie are so cute together, they can play forever, and he is so good with the kids.

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