Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taylie at Preschool!!

SO I have been way behind as usual on blogging, so there will be a few posts to catch up. Taylie started preschool and she loves it!! She has alot of friends and has been able to do alot of fun stuff. Her teacher Ms. Nicole is awesome and Taylie loves her. Here are a few pictures of Taylie at the pumpkin walk with her class.

Taylie's first day of Preschool. She was so excited!!

Taylie and Lindsey had fun on the slide :)

I loved this picture of Taylie, she looks so grown up :)

The kids playing on the play ground and there teacher Ms. Nicole

Taylie and her friend Alyssa. Taylie and Alyssa are best buds. Taylie got to go to her first birthday party at the fun park on Friday for Alyssa and she had so much fun!!

Taylie's class at the pumkin walk :)

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