Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas (Really Late)!!

So I am a little behind on my blogs! We had a great Christmas. On Christmas Eve we went sledding on the little hill behind our house with Taylie, she had a great time and wasn't even scared this year!

We then took the girls to see Santa Clause, and Taylie was freaked out trying to hide behind my legs so that Mike couldn't grab her. After Lindsey got a picture with out crying then Taylie went and sat by him but would not sit on his lap. As you can see she was not thrilled about this!

In the afternoon, Jake, Niki, and I went for a horse ride. Afterwards Mike, the girls, and I went to Jake and Niki's house for a nice dinner and watched a scary movie! We had a great time. We got home and tried to get Taylie in bed so "Santa" could come. She was very excited and it took us a while to get her to go to sleep :)

Christmas morning, Mike and I were so excited to get the girls up and open presents. Lindsey woke right up in her usual great mood! She is such a sweetheart! Taylie on the other hand, we woke her up and told her "Taylie, santa came. Come see!" And she rolled back over in bed and said "no he didn't, not yet" and she goes back to sleep. So we finally get her awake and she was excited once we got her opening presents (eventhough in half the pictures she looks really grouchy!)

We had a great Christmas! It was so fun to just have our little family and be able to start new traditions.

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Josh and Alayna said...

You guys have such a cute little family. It is fun to start new traditions. They both look like they were having fun with their presents Christmas morning.