Sunday, December 20, 2009

An Offical Snorkling Cowboy!!

Third Person Perspective:
As most of you know, Mike had never ridden a horse until we met, now he comes and rides with me on a regular basis. Today we decided to go for a little ride and Mike got bucked off! He was riding our colt Sierra, and I guess Sierra was just having an off day but took off running with Mike (Mike hates to run!) so Mike was doing his best to stay in the saddle when Sierra started bucking. Mike did GREAT! He stayed on for a few bucks and then decided he was done and wanted off so he let go of the reins and as he goes flying through the air, HE PLUGS HIS NOSE!! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Mike is a water skier and is used to bailing from a tube into water, not a horse into snow. So as he plugs his nose and goes flying through the air he very gracefully lands on his feet in the snow! Jake and I were laughing so hard we both about fell of our horses. He can now say he is an offical cowboy since he has been bucked off a horse :)

First Person Perspective:
I have never been bucked off a horse. This morning as we were driving in the car to the horses Steph reminded me of this fact. So, I would like to thank Steph for ginks-ing me. :) We got the horses saddled and ready to go. I noticed a problem I had with Sierra's saddle and fixed it. I was confident that there was nothing that would go wrong.... We all took off on our horses to the field across the street. As we went into the snow Sierra was acting really weird. He would turn even when I didn't ask him too. He would even turn away from the other horses which is unlike him. Then I had us go right behind Steph and Jake, so Sierra would be following someone. He was walking really weird at this point. He was going as slow as a turtle and kept turning left and right when I never told him to. Next thing I know I feel Sierra just take off. I really really do not like to run on horses, not only is there minimal room in front of you on the saddle, but there are a lot of things that could go wrong. I scrame "$*#&!!!!" Jake and Steph told me to turn him in a circle, but I had a hard time doing that as one hand was fastened to the horn of the saddle. After about 30 yards I felt like we had the hang of things and I was just going to get him to settle down. Then he turned the other direction and started to buck. I could feel my feet start to come out of the stirrups. I don't know if I was bucked off or if I bailed, but I had the feeling you get when you know that the tube you are on behind a boat is going to tip over. I can't go under water without plugging my nose. So, as I came off of Sierra I unknowingly plugged my nose. I flew to the ground and landed on my feet. I thought to myself "Why are you plugging your nose? I hope no one saw that." I turned and watched Sierra run clear back to the barn. I learned very quickly that Steph and Jake saw my plug before the plunge. If only we caught it on tape. :) Steph rode Sierra after that and he did just fine.


angie said...

Mom, Kim, Angie, and Melanie are crying we are laughing so hard!! That is definitely a funny story! HA HA HA HA!!

Oh yes...we are glad you were not hurt. :)

Kimbies said...

This is your mama! Mike, we have laughed and cried more tears tonight over your wonderful story. I sure miss you, Steph and the girls. It will be fun to see you all on Christmas. I'm glad you didn't break your ankles when you landed! c/ya soon:)

The Shaver Gang said...

I needed that laugh this morning! I am glad you are ok, though. Have a Merry Christmas!


HA HA. I love how you guys tell the stories. It's a pretty good one. How are you guys? Are you still living in Logan? Hope you have a Merry Christmas!