Monday, November 2, 2009


Ok, so my third post of the day is Halloween!! We had so much fun this year and it was so nice outside. We couldn't have asked for better weather. In the morning, my sister Niki, her husband Jake, and her two girls Jordan and Jessie, and then Mike and myself decided we wanted to go for a horse ride. So we loaded up her two older horses and my colt Sierra and headed out to Wellsville to pick up their colt Silly. After getting her loaded we headed up Sardine Canyon to Rattle Snake trail. We were a little nervous because Siera and Silly are both really young and inexperienced and its kind of a harry trail, but they did great!! Jordan rode on back of Mike on Misty and Jessie rode in front of Niki on Annie. Mike isn't much of a cowboy, but he was the leader and did a great job. We all had fun and nobody got bucked off or fell off so we were excited!
After wards we went to Mike's parents house and played some games with Greg and Charise, Mel and Kaden, and Mikes parents. We had a great time. Taylie was waiting patiently all day for us to take her home and get her costume on. She was Cinderella this year and she looked beautiful!! She held perfectly still while I put her makeup and jewelry on and she would walk around holding her dress up like so it wouldn't get dirty. She is such a girl! Lindsey was a dragon and looked so cute. We went trick-or-treating with Eric and Tate and it was so much fun. Lindsey stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Balls because she has had a cold but Tate and Taylie had fun taking turns in the wagon and showing each other their candy. Thanks Bodrero's for letting us go with you!
Afterwards we ran up to Niki's to see her kids and Mike was dressed as a scary goblin. He went down and hid in Bryants room and when Bryant came home and went walking in to his room Mike jumped out and literally almost gave Bryant a heart attack! It was so funny. We had a great Halloween and can't wait til next year!
Sorry we didn't take many pictures.

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Cami said...

Pretty princess, Taylie! Lindsey costume was cute. I can only imagine how much Lindsey enjoyed that sucker. Thanks for letting Eric and Tate go with you guys.

I still can't believe my brother rides horses!

angie said...

They both looked so darling! We have lots of dress-ups that Brooke is outgrowing! We may have to pass them your way soon! I need to hit you up for a horse ride some time when we are in town. :)

Kimbies said...

Taylie was just adorable as was Lindsey. :) I love seeing pics. Sounds like the horse ride was great as well. Love you guys! :)