Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Last Romantic Get Away!!

So Mike and I decided that we were going to get a hotel and go out to a nice dinner for valentines/my birthday/last chance before baby comes, type of thing. We were looking around at nice hotels because I really wanted a Jacuzzi but they all costed quite a bit. Then I remembered a place we had went to in Eden UT my senior year in High school, so we looked it up and got a really nice room (well its was actually a townhouse) with a nice jacuzzi tub for a really good price! So we left Taylie with Mikes parents (Thank You so much Grandma and Grandpa Balls! We owe you big time!) and left Logan around 5:00 pm (we wanted to leave alot earlier, but due to problems at the Dr, it took us awhile to get away).

"Mike's lovely 16 oz. steak, some of it mysteriously disappeared. Hmmmm....."

Anyway, we drove down to Layton Ut and went to The Lonestar Steakhouse where they told us it would be about an hour wait but got us back in about 35 min. Mike got a huge 16 oz steak that he claims was by far the best steak he has ever had in his life, and i got a 6 oz steak and a shrimp scampi topped with crab, it was amazing!

Then we headed to Eden UT. We arrived to Wolf Creek Lodge at about 8:30 pm and got checked in. We were enjoying our room and jacuzzi, and then decided to try out our cool fire place. However, when Mike turned the fire place on apparently it tripped a breaker or something and the TV, alarm clock, some lights, and the heater got all screwed up. It got really really hot and Mike and I were dying! So at about 10:30 pm we drove up to the main lodge and told them about it and they were going to have someone come down and try to fix it. Mike and I drove to the Maverik to get us a drink and breakfast for in the morning, when we got back they still hadn't been able to fix it yet, so I decided i was just going to try and go to bed.

"The bedroom and bathroom of our first room."

At 12:00 midnight, someone came knocking on our door and told us that they weren't going to be able to fix it that night and that they would put us up in the Honeymoon Suite in a different lodge! So we had to pack up all our things and drive to a different Logde (the Red Moose Lodge). It was really nice (also had a jacuzzi) and the tv actually worked but by the time we got settle in it was almost 1:00 am and we were both beat! So we basically just got to enjoy the king size bed!! We tried to sleep in but we were both awake by 7:30 am. So we got up and enjoyed there continental breakfast and decided to leave a little early because it had been snowing all night and was still snowing! The drive home wasn't too bad, the canyon's were actually better than the freeway! We had quite the adventure and it felt really good to be able to get away for a night!

"Here is our second room :) "


Cami said...

I'm so glad you guys got to get away! Sorry it didn't go just as planned. Knowing you two, you made the most of it! The place you stayed looked so nice! Who knew? Eden, UT.

angie said...

It is always nice to get away! Nice place! You'll have to share the number to that one :)

Les said...

The rooms look so nice and you look so cute!

Brittney said...

Oh wow to your rooms! And how fun to get away, so jealous of the tub! you are so smart to get away now! With two I know it is going to be harder!