Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Spittin' Image

Steph thought it would be fun to compare photos of all three of us. (Steph, Taylie, and I) So, here are some pics for everyone to compare.


angie said...

Oh, she is a good mix, but I see a lot of Steph. Something about the first picture of Mike reminds me of Austin!! What cute little kids...all three of you :)

Cami said...

She definitely has Steph's mouth and nose. Your eyes and skin color. She is just the cutest little girl ever!!!! I love that baby pic of Steph, it is so cute.

The Shaver Gang said...

That is my favorite picture of you when you were little. I forgot about that picture. I love your Taco Time hat in the first one. Taylie is a good combo of the two of you.