Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Computer Guru and The Cowgirl

Mike was born and raised in Hyde Park Ut. He loves playing his guitar, working on computers, and playing video games. He had never ridden a horse until he met me! I was born and raised in Lyman WY. I love being outside with my horses and grew up a cowgirl. I moved to Hyde Park UT with my sister in June 2004. Mike and I met in the Hyde Park singles ward in Febuary of 2005. We both have a slighly different story about the first time we "noticed" eachother! Mike says it was when we were at FHE playing volleyball and I beat him and he thought to himself "Wow, she can really play volleyball! And she's pretty cute!" My story is when some other girl some how conviced mike to go country swing dancing (which if you know Mike, that is a big accomplishment!) and me being a country girl always went dancing, anyway, one dance together and Mike forgot someone else invited him and we danced the whole time! From that night on we saw eachother every single night until he we got married!!! Whoever says opposites attract, was right!

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