Tuesday, May 11, 2010


SO once again we have been slacking on the blogging thing. We have been pretty busy the past few months. On May 1st we had a fundraiser for Mel. I can not believe how many people showed up. There were so many awesome things donated. It was a great day!

On Saturday, Taylie had her first horseshow! She was so excited. We went and bought her a new shirt, some new boots, and a new cowgirl hat. She looked so Cute! It was Health Days in Smithfield so we started the day out with a parade, and then headed over to the show. Taylie rode Krisann's horse Peppy, Jessie rode my horse Sierra, and Preston rode Cowboy! Then Niki, Krisann, and I rode in the adult classes and had a great time! Taylie was so cute, she would smile at the Judge and wave at Grandpa Balls and Mel. Basically I just lead her around the arena and then we all line up and the kids back there horse up for the judge. The Judge asked Taylie what her horses name was and Taylie got shy but said "Peppy" and then she asked if she new how to back him up and Taylie shook her head yes and then pulled on the reins as hard as she could, it was so funny! With a little help from mom, she got Peppy to back up! Then they say the placings and of course all the kids got first! She got a cute medal with a horse on it and some Taffy. We all got a little sunburned but it was a fun day!


angie said...

How cute is she!! Go little cowgirl. ;)

Balls Fam said...

She has another show this Saturday in Richmond :)

Kimbies said...

Awwww!!! So stinkin' cute!!! :)