Friday, March 5, 2010

Lindsey's First Birthday!!

So my baby girl is going to be 1 tomorrow (March 6th) but we decided to have her birthday party a day early. Taylie was so excited to have a birthday party for Lindsey! She was telling Mike and I where we had to hang balloons and what decorations she wanted to put up, she is going to be quite the party planner when she gets older! We had Niki and Jake with there 7 kids (minus Bryce), Kaden and Grandpa Balls, Cami and her family, and aunt Krisann over for cake and ice cream. Grandma Balls and Aunt Mel watched from the computer (skype). Mike and I were thinking that Lindsey was going to dive right in to her cake and make a huge mess, but she took after her sister in that department and ate like a lady (or maybe she was just scared of the cake) but we had to feed it to her with a spoon but she loved it. Afterwards we opened presents, even though Taylie did 90% of the opening! Cami's family got her a really cute baby and a toy. Taylie got her a glow in the dark sea horse that plays music, and mom and dad got her a little table that has a piano, book, and other fun thing on it. She is funny, she will snuggle up to her baby and hold it over her shoulder and will dance like crazy to the music on her table. She has such a fun personality!

Just a few things we Love about our Lindsey
She is the happiest baby, she rarely ever cries and if she dose its for a good reason. She always wakes up with a smile on her face.
She is so snuggly. She loves to be held and snuggles right in to your shoulder. She is never shy with anyone.
She has her favorite blanket that she loves to snuggle with, when she gets tired she will crawl around the house until she finds it.
She knows how to hold her own and will beat up Taylie if she's had enough of big sister.
She can walk but chooses not to because she is a big chicken! She knows she can get there faster by crawling.
She has always slept through the night. From day one when she gets tired and ready for bed all we have to do is put her in her swing or lay her in her crib with her favorite blanket and she will go right to sleep without a fuss. And she sleeps in (which is nice for mom!)
When she knows she isn't supposed to do something, she will look at you and shake her head no.....then do it anyway.
And finally, she can cut some rug. (Killer dance moves)



allison said...

Cute! Happy Birthday to your little girl!

angie said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!! I heard it was a great party. :)

Emily said...

Hey Steph,
Your girls are way cute!!! Looks like a fun little party. Hey I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I am trying to help Jesse put together his 10 year reunion and I was hoping you could get Candice's mailing address and email for me. You can just email them to me at
Thanks! Emily

The Shaver Gang said...
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The Shaver Gang said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! We hope all is well in your neck of the wood. We love you guys! Give the girls a kiss for me!

Cami said...

We love little Lindsey so much!! It has been fun living so close to you guys.

You need to post the video of Lindsey cute!

Kimbies said...

How cool! Sounds like it was a great b-day for the little one! I can't wait to see you all next week or at least sometime when I am out there. Love you guys!