Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Fun Week With Brycen!

This week my nephew Brycen came up to stay with me. He is from Arkansas and has the funniest accent ( I don't know if thats how you spell it!). He has such a fun personality, he is definantly NOT shy, that kid can make friends with anyone! He had a blast on the neighbors blow up slide, and we even got Taylie to play on it. At one point Taylie was climbing up and had a hold of the handles on the top but lost her footing, so she was hanging there screaming! It was pretty funny :) Brycen and my nephew Ethan (from Mikes side) became instant buddies. Brycen was wanting to spend every spare second playing games with Ethan. Thanks Ethan for helping him have a fun week! Last night we went to my sister Niki's house and my brother-in-law Jake took Brycen for a ride in his police car. Brycen was so excited. They even got to almost pull my sister Krisann over which she didn't think was very funny but Brycen sure did! Over all it has been a very fun and busy week! Thanks Brycen for coming to visit, we love you little buddy :)

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angie said...

Glad you had a fun week. The blow-up slide looks like a blast!