Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some of Taylie's Funny Stories!

So I have a few funny stories about Taylie that I wanted to post so that I have them written down somewhere and won't forget them. The first one happened a couple weeks ago at church. Mike's friend is in our ward and he has kind of longer hair and a beard, he fell away from the church for a while and is trying to get his life back in order. Anway, he got up in sacrament to bare his testimony. It was really a good testimony and of course everyone is really quiet. Taylie stands up and yells "Look mom there's Jesus!" It was so loud and everyone around us is trying really hard not to bust up laughing. Greg and Charise were there visiting and all of us were trying really hard not to start laughing while I tried to explain to her that he wasn't Jesus. Then for the closing prayer (on the same day) an older lady got up and started saying the prayer and Taylie says "There's Grandma Lamb!" Once again really loud. I am afraid at this point we all lost it and busted up laughing :)

The second story just happened the other day. Taylie has been on this "just kidding kick, thanks to cousin Kaden! She kept bringing her chair out of her room after mom and dad asked her not to several times. She brought it out and I told her that she needed to go put it back in her room. She said "no mom I going to sit on it" So I told her she had to a count of 3 or she was going to time out. I started counting and when I said 2 she said "I just kidding I putting it back!" and hurried to put her chair back in her room. It was really funny and cute and of course I couldn't get mad at her. And now she says just kidding after almost everything!


Cami said...

I love the stories Steph! Believe it or not, you will forget them if you don't write them down. Taylie is such a fun little girl, the Jesus comment just cracks me up, I can totally hear her little voice saying that.

I love your Christmas background!

angie said...

What friend of Mike's was that? Fro? That is funny! We love Taylie!