Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our newest adventure

I am new at this blogging thing so here we go. My husband Mike, my daughter Taylie, and I recently (as in the past two weeks) moved to Hyde Park into a nice spacious two bedroom apartment. Then again after our last apartment anything is huge (Taylie used to sleep in the closet)!! I got a new job working two 12 hour night shifts at Cache Valley Specialty Hospital as an ER Clerk, so far I have enjoyed it. Mike is still working part time at Thermo-fisher scientific and just started school yesterday. He stays busy and Taylie and i miss him alot. We are also expecting our second child! We had our first ultra-sound today, everything looks great and Dr. Noorda said if it was a boy he would put him back for me and ask for something else! JUST KIDDING I WOULD LOVE A BOY!! Life has been busy and were just waiting to get settled into a routine :)

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